BAWB Global Forum 2011

In 2011, the III BAWB GFAL Conference took place in virtual form. The Challenge of the BAWB GFAL 2011 will be to find operational answers for the following question: In which aspects should management innovate to face the sustainability challenges?

What’s is BAWB?

The Global Forum Business as Agent of World Benefit -Latin America (BAWB-GFAL) 2011 it’s a three-day international conference, free of charge, that will be live broadcast through Internet with the participation of more than 60 speakers from various parts of the world.

The event is divided into three themes:

        Innovative Society - 08/29/2011

        Design Thinking - 08/30/2011

        Education in Sustainability - 08/31/2011


How to register?

We apologize that the area of Registration and Login is available only in Portuguese. To make registration easier, we suggest you to register using a Facebook or a Google account by clicking the link below:


How to attend and watch the conference?

The lectures will appear in your login area. This is also the page where you will be able to access the chat rooms and foruns.

To Login you should click the link below: